Why Gift boxes?

Noleen Forlong

When I was a kid I had had an unhealthy obsession with buying people gifts - so much so that my parents had to take away some of my pocket money to make sure I actually bought stuff for myself rather then spend it on other people. 

This has carried on to my adulthood where my husband has to set firm and strict budgets for how much and when I can buy gifts for people - because honestly I just want to buy people things all the time. 

I love the experience of finding something that would suit someone so perfectly and giving it to them, I love that feeling I get when I give people gifts and I love putting together things that just go together in every way.

So I decided to start this small business to turn my obsession into something I can share with others - so I really hope you like the gift boxes I have created because honestly making them gives me an indescribable amount of happiness that it is almost concerning. 

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