Where we started

Noleen Forlong

From Paper With Love Co started with a very simple idea.. Handmade cards.  

I have always been obsessed with pretty stationary and while I was working in a book store part-time while studying at university, in between doing all the usual tasks of serving customers and tidying the shop you could find me in two places. The first was in the blind spot of the store where I would sit and read books I couldn’t afford (even with my staff discount) and the second was the card display. I could spend hours just looking at all of the beautiful cards, I loved looking at them all and I even contemplated buying some of the cards not to give to anyone but just to keep because I thought they were a beautiful form of art.

Then the most amazing thing happened. My brother-in-law started his own paper craft business and then I spent hours looking at his stock hoping one day I would be able to own it all. On my 21st birthday his family gifted me my very first die cutting machine – a little cuttlebug and a few simple dies. I was so happy I nearly cried and I have truly cherish that little bug which I still use three years later.

After that I was obsessed, I made cards for almost every occasion I could from birthdays to wedding to new babies and even just to say hello. I had only 4 sets of dies but I made them work, soon I saved up to buy a few more and my collection started. I think if I didn’t have such a close connection to a craft store I really wouldn’t be where I am now with my cards.

Now I have over 100 dies and more paper then I know what to do with. I have a room dedicated to my crafts and I am in there nearly every day. From there I decided to open an etsy store and begin going to craft markets. Going to these craft markets were amazing because that is where I met some amazing people and I wanted to expand my business by joining with other small businesses across New Zealand and creating beautiful gift boxes - and from there this website and everything was born and I am so excited to see where this journey will lead. 

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  • Way to go beautiful niece-inlaw

    Sue Forlong

  • Well done we are proud of you congratulations


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