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Noleen Forlong

So as you may have read in my previous posts I have a rather large collection of tea and candles; another thing I have a large collection of is lipsticks, specifically red liquid lipsticks (my current favorite is Tarte's Tarteist Lip Paints).  The problem with loving Matte red liquid lipsticks is that if there are any imperfections on your lips like dried cracked skin or a little bit of flakiness it shows… badly!  So because of my collection of red lipsticks I need to make sure my lips are plump, luscious and soft.

And so I was introduced to this wonderful product, the sugar scrub.  A friend bought me one for my birthday and I use it every single time I put on lipstick.  Another way I look after my lips is by using lip balm, literally all day.  I have a lip balm in my handbag, at my desk at work, in every single room in the house and the most important place in my make-up bag. 

When choosing beauty products two things are really important to me; that they are as natural as possible and that they are cruelty free.  This took me on the journey to find a company based in New Zealand to find beauty and body care products from and I stumbled upon ‘Skye Candle & Body Care’.

Skye Candle and Body Care was founded in 2016 and named after the owner’s daughter, the sweetest story behind the name if I ever heard one.  You will see Kash’s products all throughout the gift boxes from her candles and bath products to my favorite her lip scrubs and lip balms – the one I use on the regular is the mango set, I love the fact that my lip scrub and lip balm match, it makes the whole process just a little more special.

A trend you will see is the fact I genuinely love all of the products I put into my gift boxes and these beauty and body care product are no different because they are so wonderful and recommend them to almost everyone I meet.

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