Reflection of Christmas

Noleen Forlong

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas..

I hate it because for three straight years I worked in retail working 14 hour shifts listening to Christmas music cleaning up after screaming kids and their parents who waited till Christmas eve to try and buy the most popular toy of the season... don't do that people seriously...

I love it because it is the one time of year where my gift giving goes (mostly) unchecked. I get to buy presents for everyone in my family and I try to get the perfect gift for them, and this year I have seriously tried to step up my game.

I bought my first Christmas gift in the beginning of August, that's right a whole five months before Christmas and I have been slowly getting presents since then.. I needed to start so early since I had nearly 30 people to buy for and I am just crazy about buying gifts. The hardest part about buying presents so early? Trying to stop myself from giving them to people early. I am just way too excited about gift giving. 

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