Our point of difference

Noleen Forlong

When coming up with a business plan the two things that come up over and over again is to figure out your target market and what your point of difference is.

To be honest I am still struggling with the target market aspect because I figure pretty much everyone gives presents and I want to create a gift boxes to appeal to a wide group of people by offering a diverse range. 

Our point of difference is something that I focused on after I decided that I wanted something which would appeal to everyone.  What I believe is our point of difference is two things.

The first being the fact that I am genuinely in love with not only the products included in the gift boxes and the companies they are from but also the fact I am in love with the gifting process in general. I am passionate about finding the perfect products to go together and then looking at everything and creating a card which completes it all. I am obsessed with trying to creating amazing gift boxes and honestly it gives me such a rush when I put them all together and seeing the complete package makes me so happy I can barely contain myself. Each of my gift boxes are designed with love and I am so happy that I am now able to share this passion. 

The second is that I wanted to create gift boxes using quality kiwi products at an affordable level because honestly the worst feeling I get is when I find the perfect gift and then I find its not within my budget. I think that giving and receiving is one of the greatest joys in the world and I want to open up more options to everyone. 

I hope that it shows that I do truly love this little business and the purpose behind it, thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you. 

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  • A wonderful way to give and receive a gift with love


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