NZ Seed Bombs

Noleen Forlong

So here’s the thing, I hate gardening.  I hate it so much when we were looking for a new house to move into we specifically didn’t want a garden because even though our current apartment has maybe at most a square meter of garden we have to look after I never want to deal with it and constantly ignore it.  But something I do love is bees.

I love them so much so that I am planning on getting a little bee tattoo soon.  I love everything about them and I get really upset when I find out how the bee population in the world is declining.  I knew I wanted to create a few boxes with a focus on the environment and so I went looking.

I found Eagles Rest through Instagram and I really loved the idea of ‘random acts of gardening’ which their Seed Bombs focus on, even better is the fact they have seed bombs which focus on growing flowers that bees and other insects love as well as making them super easy for those of us who hate gardening.

I love not only the products they produce but the message behind the company, they work to make a difference.  The beauty of the Seed Bombs is that they are completely eco-friendly and create a beautiful mess that has the possibility of bringing joy for generations.  I really do love all of the varieties of the seed bombs and I hope by including them in my Gift Boxes it helps others find beauty in the world.

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