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Noleen Forlong

Confession time… I have an obsession with tea.  I have almost six cups of herbal tea a day and I have a full shelf in my pantry dedicated entirely to tea.  My obsession started about five years ago when I was addicted to coffee and read a random blog that said it would help me lose weight if I drank six cups of green tea a day; well I started drinking six cups of green tea a day and I’m not going to lie, I hated it but because of this ‘test’, I figured out that I was only drinking so much coffee not for the caffeine but for the sweetness, warmth and comfort it gave me.  So I started out my journey to find my perfect tea because it was a healthier alternative to the 950 calories I was having a day and at the end of the day I was just trying to be a better me.

I found I actually loved black tea with no sugar or milk when one day at university I was up until 3am finishing a painting for a ball I was helping organize and they had no coffee and I was freezing.  It was my first cup of tea ever and I couldn’t believe that at 19 years old I had missed out on this, and to be honest I didn’t add sugar or milk because I panicked and wasn’t actually sure how I liked tea.  From there on I tried as many different types of tea as I could and I fell in love.

Now when I think of relaxation I always think of having a cup of tea in my hands, the warmth fills my soul and I can focus on the amazing flavors that take me away from whatever is stressing me out.  And so I knew I had to try and find an amazing tea company to include in my gift boxes.

So introducing Libertine Blends. A kiwi based Tea Company which began in 2014.  Everything about Libertine makes it one of my favorite places to get tea for not only my business but for myself as well.  I love Libertine because they love tea and “because tea is such a sensual pleasure” as they describe it in one of their recent blog posts.  For them tea is more than just a healthy alternative it is an experience which can help shift moods and help during busy routines and stressful times. 

I love each of the teas they create and each variety is suited to a different occasion so they fit into so many different gift boxes, and just as an added bonus there packaging is just adorable and I love looking at them.  While I love all of their tea blends my favorite is the Runaway Rose tea which has the perfect sweetness and flavor a sugar addict like me needs in their lives.  The beauty of this tea for me comes from the fact it feels like an indulgence when you are drinking it and there is nothing more satisfying then a guilt free treat to sooth the soul and refresh the mind.

Thank you to the lovely people at Libertine Blends for allowing me to include their amazing products in my gift boxes and producing such amazing teas for me and others to enjoy.

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