Flame and Scent

Noleen Forlong

If you don’t know what to get me for my birthday, get me a candle.  Currently I have seven candles in my bathroom, four in my craft room, two in my kitchen and one in my lounge.  But I will always accept new candles, the same scent, different scents, fruity, earthy, flora, literally any scent.  I love woodwick candles (which crackle like a little fire place) and little tea light candles.  Basically what I am trying to say is that I love candles and hinting at people to buy me candles…

I feel like these articles are becoming more of a confession diary than anything else but I don’t really mind because it shows just how much I love all of the products and companies involved in all of my Gift Boxes.  I knew when I was figuring out my gift boxes that I would need to include a candle or two and so I set out on a journey to find an amazing candle company from New Zealand. 

And so introducing Flame and Scent, a small company which started as a hobby by Kim and grew into the wonderful little candle shop.  Her candles are beautiful and natural which are two things that I look for in candles.  They are designed to spark memories and to help create new ones which a range of 23 scents and other essential oils, it is easy to see how her candles are an essential in a gift.

My two favorite candle scents are the classic vanilla and any version of caramel.  I find these scents so full and inviting that when they are burning I feel like I am home.  It’s so amazing how, by having a simple candle burning it changes the complete atmosphere in the room.  I hope the scents I choose for these gift boxes are ones that help create beautiful memories and help the person receiving the gift think of you when they burn it. 

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